Monday December 11th, 2023
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#TopCatModel Is Your Cat Top Cat of the Year?

Think your cat has got what it takes to be named the top kitty-kat on campus? Then send us your kitty photos right MEOW!!

Staff Writer

Time magazine has their person of the year, People magazine has their sexiest people of the year. Putting into consideration that this month we here at CairoScene have been focusing on animals, it just seemed naturally purrr-fect to find Egypt's Top Cat of the Year.

Many of us have lovely furry companions at home, and all cat owners have one thing in common: the belief that their cat is the cutest, funniest, and toughest feline in the world. So in the spirit of having multiple bragging rights we have decided to create some special CAT-egories:

Sexiest Cat: Send us a photo of your cat lounging like a boss striking a look that says I am the sexiest kitty here.

Cutest Cat: Think 'adorable' and work from there.

Best Photoshopped Cat: Get creative let's see some kitties open the doors of perception.

Toughest Cat: This will likely go to a cat that was rescued off the street, but if you want your cat to be known as the toughest, then send us his survival story.

Best LOL Cat: Send us a picture of your cat that will have rolling on the floor, rubbing our bellies, wishing we had more catnip.

Top Cat
If you want to win the Top Cat of the year, then you must send us a photo of your cat in more than one of the above categories. There can be only one Top Cat, so tell us why you think it should be yours.

To enter, post your photo on Instagram, tag @CairoScene, with the hashtag #TopCatModel. The winners will be announced on the weekend and the winner will be awarded bragging rights for a whole year. There isn't a lot of time to send us your photos, so do it right meow.