Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Don’t you hate it when a photographer snaps a photo of you that is almost perfect, except it isn’t quite your best angle and his flash is too bright and he doesn’t even bother to put a cool effect on it so basically you just look like….you? So do we!

Staff Writer

OMG we have so much in common. Luckily, CairoZoom are changing up the event photography game and letting us all join in on the fun.

Now you can snap yourself wherever you are, Instagram the shit out of the photo and it’ll be featured on the CairoZoom fan page where they have a live Instagram feed. All you need to do is tag your photo with @TheCairoZoom and #YouZoom and you’re good to go! The best photos will put into a special #YouZoom album on the page and be in the running for the coveted title of ‘Most Viral’. Now you can look like the you you want to look like and everyone can see it. Check out and click on the Instagram feed tab and get going!