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10 Cartoons Illustrating Egypt's Reality Today

Because why read about current political affairs when you can just check out some kick-ass cartoons?

We love reading about current affairs in Egypt, we really do. But sometimes we're so lazy we just want to look at a cartoon and have our inner opinions confirmed rather than reading a whole article about it (please don't tell our boss we said that). So we combined 10 brilliant cartoons that shed some truth on contemporary Egyptian issues. 

Billboards in New York encourage investors to work in Egypt by Tawfik for MadaMasr.

Billboard on the right: Invest in Egypt

Billboard on the left: Egypt

Shifting Ownership by Andeel for MadaMasr.

Writing in green: "Owned by Hajj Absalam"
Writing in red: "Owned by Mr. Lotfy"


 Electricity Price Hike by Amr Eissa for Daily News Egypt. Is this normal? by Andeel for MadaMasr. 

Boy and girl at the same time: "Is this normal?"

 Expensive by Doaa al-Adel for Al-Masry Al-Youm


 The reason why some taxi drivers don't use the meter by Andeel for MadaMasr

Passenger: "Why are you not using the meter?"

Taxi driver: "What meter dude? We are living through an age of decay... DECAAAAAAY!''

'High School' by Mohab for MadaMasr.

Sign: University Enrollment Office

Man: "So what are your plans...?"
Student: "Migration"


Stagflation by Amr Eissa for Daily News Egypt. 

Decline of the Egyptian Pound by Mohamed Nour for Daily News Egypt.

Sermon Policy by Amany Hesham, for Daily News Egypt.