Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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10 Things to Do During Curfew

There's no harm in making some light in a dark situation.

Staff Writer

We know the situation looks pretty bleak right now, but wrecking your nerves won’t get you anywhere. Here are some things to do while you’re locked up at home:

The most important thing is: do NOT stress eat. We know that left over konafa from that last 3ezooma your mum threw during Ramadan looks super tempting right now, but trust us; you’re going to regret that more than that haircut you gave yourself in high school.

Take a shot every time Gehad El Haddad lies.

Organise your Dreambox channels in order of bias.

Have a conversation with your parents that’s longer than “I’m going out, can I have some money?”

Stare out the window, let a tear of sadness from all the fear and violence that surrounds you drop from your eyes, take a picture in black and white and make it your Facebook profile picture. Watch the likes come in.

Re-watch Friends and argue with your best friend over WhatsApp about whether or not Ross and Rachel really were on a break.

Try to get the army troops stationed outside your building to engage in a flash mob.

Teach your cat how to mix so it can sign up for the next Student DJ Program.

Go out for a smoke at 5:59 am.

Play Cluedo (Revolution Edition). Sisi with a tank in Raba’a?