Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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11 of The Coolest Sahel Parties This Week

Another long weekend, another excuse to get to the North Coast and let loose. Here's what you shouldn't miss...

Staff Writer

Big events are happening this weekend and no one wants to miss them! We have gathered you a list of the hottest parties this weekend in Sahel - the perfect places to free your head of worry and replace that with music, drinks and amazing weather. 


 By Ganz, Give me another Shot @ Club M, Marassi :

Just take another shot and let your feet control you for the night... But only if you have an invite.

Make Love Not War @ The Lemon Tree & Co, Marassi : 

The place to hangout with the coolest people, have the coolest drinks and just dream of how to run away and take the evening with you forever.

Restovert @ Bayside, Hacienda Bay : 

Catch Bayside's wild side at night with DJ Minus T, along with the unmistakable Marc Wahba and Mohamed Sadek doing us all a favour by playing their eccentric beats.

Made in Mykonos @ 6ix Degrees, Hacienda Bay : 

Every night is a 6ix Degrees night! Especially when they bring international celebrations straight to you in Sahel. Made In Mykonos is celebrated around the world with extraordinary music and a fashionable crowd. Can it get better than this? Yes. Put your hands up for George Knox setting his beats loose.


The Morning After @ Club M, Marassi:

There's nothing better than beach parties one can only throw in the summer. Go get tanned, swim and dance like you're unstoppable with Fredrick Stone and Sabb on the decks.

Ramy Ayash Live @ Tabla, Marassi : 

Ramy Ayash; the behind the voice capturing the minds and ears of thousands around the world AND HE'S COMING TO PERFORM AT TABLA! 

Signature night @ 6ix Degrees, Hacienda Bay: 

Signature night is back on at 6ix Degrees with DJ Knox revealing his soul-crunching open set, followed by Maya and Eli Abi giving you performance you will want to remember!

ByGanz Fred Stone and Saab, Marassi : 


A must-attend on everyone's list; By Ganz parties speak for themselves. It's the place you actually let yourself go and just lose your mind to the dancefloor like it's screaming your name.


Shik Shak Shok @ 6ix Degrees, Hacienda Bay: 

As promising as it sounds, this night is all about hip-shaking and belly dancing with oriental dancers flaunting their curves in their eye-catching glittery outfits and revealing the talent everyone wishes they could possess. 

Pitch Perfect Morning @ Bayside, Hacienda Bay:  

It's pool party time! Noor Fahmy conquers the morning at Bayside and plays the best beats to go along with one hell of a crazy day starter.