Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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115 Years Young

An old man, possibly a sailor, possibly a former pornstar, sits at a decrepit French bar in Downtown Cairo...

Staff Writer

He looks around the place and sighs, reminiscing about what the place used to be like; hustling and bustling with Egypt’s creme de la creme of artists, poets and musicians. All the waiters know him and stop to chat every once and a while to hear stories of the good old days whilst he nurses a Stella beer for hours on end.

A kid in tight jeans and questionable hair stands quiet, shy and angst ridden at the corner of a friend of a friend’s house party. He watches on as the coolest kids from school play a pretend game of Twister with a couple of the foreign girls and everyone else is dancing, laughing and having fun. He feels awkward until he spots the girl he likes, he heads to the fridge with a determined look in his eye, he grabs a Stella, swigs it all in one go, then grabs the girl.

A business man walks in from work and sits down on his new Italian imported sofa, he whips off his suit jacket and un-does his tie. He lays back and covers his face through exhaustion. He can’t believe the big corporate deal he’d been working on to import street cats from Zimbabwe has fallen through. His Blackberry won’t stop ringing. He turns his phone off, reaches into his cooler and sips slowly from his supply of Stella beer.

Stella through the ages
Stella has been quenching our thirsts, emotional and otherwise, for 115 years now. Stella brings people together, from the young and restless to the old and bold and they’re celebrating big time this Friday with a massive soiree at JW Mariott organized by Events Plus.

Just like Stella call themselves ‘The Beer of Egypt’ they’re fittingly calling on ‘The DJ of Egypt’ Amr Hosny to provide the tunes for the night along with Hanine Y Son Cubano, Fadi King of Drums, Oka & Ortega, Ahmed Essam and loads more surprises.

Cheers to another 115 years.

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