Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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115th Year of Beer

Who doesn’t love a cool Stella on the beach? Mr. Bond, that’s who. But for us mere mortals, there’s nothing like the taste of Egyptian history that only comes from cracking open that blue and yellow can.

Staff Writer

There’s something retro, quaint, anti-cool-but-kind-of-cool about it, making it perfect for old men, hipsters and anyone who doesn’t think they’re too good for a bit of local brew.

Actually, taking a look at their brilliant poster, we’ve come to the conclusion that Stella is perfect for everyone. Old men can drink it to remember the good old days, young men can drink it to feel grown-up, girls can drink it to be tough, douchebags can drink it to be hipsters, hipsters will be happy knowing that they drank it before it was hip…you get the point. With a 115 years under Stella’s belt, we can all agree on one thing: it’s an Egyptian institution. Here’s to many more years and even more beers.