Friday September 29th, 2023
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12 Things That Cost as Much as an iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 has just been released on an Egyptian website for a whopping price tag. Here's a list of what you could buy for the same price, just to put things into perspective.

Staff Writer

Though it hasn't officially been released in Egypt yet, the iPhone 6 can be found online for a whopping 11,111 EGP. That's right. And while we have no doubt that someone will go ahead and spend that just to have the first iPhone 6 in Egypt, here are our suggestions for 12 better ways to spend that cash:

173 hours on a Nile felluca 

7,400 fool sandwiches


Over 4,000 litres of Coca-Cola

1,600 pieces of salmon sashimi

37 grams of gold

110 coins of hash

A Macbook Pro

2 nights at the famous Savoy Hotel in London

A month's rent in a luxury Zamalek flat

62 Nokia 130s

17 barrels of crude oil

2 Samsung Galaxy S5s with cases