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Egyptian Police Seizes 121 Stolen Artifacts From Foreigner’s Home in Zamalek

What a collection this man has. Or had.


According to a Interior Ministry statement, Egyptian police have seized 121 artifacts from a foreigner’s house in Zamalek.

121 artifacts! That guy was sitting on a gold mine. No wonder he lives in Zamalek. Tourism and Antiquities police targeted the crook’s house after he was accused of illegally smuggling antiquities in a previous incident, according to a statement by the ministry on its official Facebook page.

The nationality of the man has not been mentioned yet, or any details of his arrest either. Let’s just say he’s probably not having a great time right about now. His collection includes 86 pieces from different eras of ancient Egyptian civilisation, and authorities will now examine each piece to know just how much each of these historical pieces is worth.

As can be seen in a couple of photos provided by the Antiquities Ministry, the collection included over two dozen wall frames, a number of antique wooden furniture pieces, metal swords and lanterns, and other items.

Main image of Mahrous al ‘Assaal's antique shop in Zamalek/ CairoScene