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15 Awesome Foods You Need To Try At Cairo Bites

Cairo Bites is right around the corner and with the massive amount of food options they've got, we're already making mental notes on the places to definitely hit up while there. And now we're sharing them with you. You're welcome.

With Cairo Bites just around the corner, set to kick off at the glorious Family Park on the 17th of April, we're already salivating in anticipation. Kind of like a teenager ready to go to a massive music festival, we've had our eyes fixed on the epic line up of food on show, our stomach rumbling with each new announcement. And just like a pretentious hipster teenager we're going to brag about all the cool restaurants setting up shop, just so you know we knew them before anyone else...

The slick Heliopolis based pâtisserie take things a bit far with their dessert designs, but these are some bunnies we wouldn't feel guilty about eating.


Sattva Steps
Uber healthy dishes which creatively come with nutrition information as well as a full guide on how many steps of what activity you will need to burn them off.

House of Cocoa
Chocolate Rain, Some stay dry and others feel the pain, Chocolate Rain, A baby born will die before the sin, Chocolate Rain, The school books say it can't be here again, Chocolate Rain, The prisons make you wonder where it went, Chocolate Rain, Build a tent and say the world as dry, Chocolate Rain, Zoom the camera out and see the light, Chocolate Rain, Forecast to be falling yesterday, Chocolate Rain, Only in the past is what they say, Chocolate Rain, Raised your neighborhood insurance rates, Chocolate Rain, Makes us happy 'livin in a gay, Chocolate Rain, Made me cross the street the other day, Chocolate Rain, Made you turn your head the other way, Chocolate Rain, History quickly crashing through your veins, Chocolate Rain, Using you to fall back down again. Sorry we got carried away there. Let it rain chocolate at Cairo Bites with House of Cocoa's exquisite range of nedeef chocolata.


If there's one thing your special someone wants from you more than jewellery, it's cake. But why choose? You can have your cake and eat it too. 


You know how for years you’ve been complaining that Cairo doesn’t have one single place that serves flavoured drinks with squidgy tapioca balls at the bottom? Well, here you go.

Bel Gelato
Gelato, handcrafted Italian ice cream that's not quite ice cream, not quite yoghurt. Our senior writer Eihab says he used to love eating gelato in Canada. The man who served it was called Romeo. We don't know how that is relevant but if Eihab likes it, then you should too!
Kooks & Biggs
Egypt's first ever Nutella bar. Yes, you heard it correctly... a whole bar full of different varieties of Nutella-based desserts! Can you say Nutella sushi?


Wok & Walk
Actual real life, 100% authentic chopstick, wok... in a box! Flashbacks of American sitcoms warming our belly.


We're not sure what an 'urban' Lebanese restaurant is, but oh ko-baby! It looks tasty!

Formula Onedurful
For starters we're suckers for a punny name, but then you go and hand us a drink straight from a pineapple? Well played. Formula Onederful offers up the freshest fruits and vegetables in Egypt, either whole, chopped, mixed or blended.


Shawerma El Reem
Okay, they've been around for a while and they have more than a million fans on Facebook but we only discovered them recently and frankly we're addicted. Best shawerma and fries in the market.


Bros before hoes... but these burgers before bros.


Delicious home-made cooking and catering service, just like your Mama makes.

Bob's Hot Dogs

American style weeners with any topping of your choice. The Gouna hotdog stand is coming to Cairo.

Homer Simpson's wet dream is coming to Cairo Bites. A bakery like no other, you can imagine up any kind of donut with any toppings.
You can check out Cairo Bites' Facebook page here.