Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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13 Venues To Catch Live Music (Not By A DJ)

DJs playing everywhere you go? Can't stand the sound of another one? Here are 12 venues that are still hosting live music nights.

Staff Writer

Entertainment in Cairo has been dominated by DJs. Every now and then you find yourself looking for an alternative that might be playing something Alternative. Well, we searched far and wide, through the historical music scrolls from a time when live bands dominated the scene, and managed to locate 13 venues that still offer live entertainment. You're welcome!


Founded in January of 2002, Makan aims to portray Egyptian culture and arts as vibrant resources, and use them to bridge the gap between the country and the rest of the world, often hosting different bands and performers.

Cairo Jazz Club

CJC has proven time and time again that it is one of the best nightlife venues; it has stood the test of time and came out on top. The venue hosts live bands regularly, booking big names as well as new talents.

Balcon Lounge

Balcon Lounge is your go-to place for live shows in Heliopolis, but it is not limited to live shows as movie screenings and other activities take place there too. Many artists playing different genres play there, so every time you go expect something new.

The Tap

The Tap boasts cool British pub vibes, giant beer towers, and most importantly, really good wings. Most important to us, that is. Other people probably enjoy the fact yes, they can head to The Tap for cool (sometimes horrible) DJs, but should they not want to listen to music created by pressing buttons, they can also listen to tunes played by real life instruments. The Cadillacs and Glass Onion have played at the bar, which also hosts jam nights and even bandaoke.

Mastaba Centre

Mastaba Centre is concerned with preserving Egyptian Folk music, hosting live shows regularly that encompass all types of folklore, from bedouin to nubian and all that's in between.


Underground is a bar that hosts live events among their other bookings (mainly DJs). It opened its doors only recently and has been proving very successful, booking a range of diverse bands.

El Sawy Culture Wheel

Affectionately known as Sakia, El Sawy Culture Wheel is one of the most well-known performance arts theatres in Egypt. It also serves as a forum, art gallery, screening hall, and any other cultural event can be held in the space. Sawy has one of the most diverse ranges of live music on show from Death Metal to Rap and everything in between.

100 Copies

100 Copies is a space that hosts music and other arts activities; it is also a record label, producing mostly Shaabi music. Head over to 100 Copies if you're looking for Shaabi live shows.

Darb 1718

Darb is a registered non-profit organisation that is a contemporary arts and cultural centre that has been catering to artists' needs to showcase their talent without having to pay through their noses to organise their own galleries. Darb also sometimes hosts live entertainment.


ZigZag just opened this year and is a bar that hosts a weekly live night. It is amongst Downtown's better establishments catering to a more hip crowd.


Rawabet Theatre hosts a range of events, from all kinds of theatrical productions to live bands, always staying diverse in the type of events it hosts. It also hosts the annual 100Live Electronic music festival.

Rooftop Garden City

Although Rooftop Garden City doesn't usually host live bands, it does feature nights with a live singer hidden between its regular DJ nights.

Room Art Space

Room Art Space is a blend between a cultural centre and a cafe; it hosts live music regularly and gives budding artists the chance to perform in front of a crowd.