Sunday June 4th, 2023
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13 Items That Still Cost 50 Piasters or Less

You can still nab all these babies for less than a pound!

Staff Writer

The Egyptian pound has dropped drastically, cost of living has gone up, and you know what, el 7ayah ghelyet ya gad3an. We live in a time where the price gap between a piece of cheese from Gourmet and one from your friendly neighborhood kiosk is insane. Lucky for us though, Egypt is one of those countries where you can still go to a local kiosk, maybe even your pharmacy, and find tons of items which each cost 50 piasters or less (okay maybe not less, don't push it). Now with our currency devaluating by the day, we may need to go back to basics. Put a little Samba back in your life. 

Cleopatra Cigarette

Reminiscent of your old juvenile-delinquency-filled days, you can still head to a kiosk and buy a loose cigarette and kill time at the street corner. If you smoke Cleopatra you know you will be able to kill a good hour puffing on one of those. 

One Teama Cream Cheese Triangle

Yes they open the pack and sell these individually. Because who doesn't want one singular Teama cream cheese triangle? It could be a great prequel to a meal. Or if you're dieting, it could be your whole meal. Yup, they must have made this for all the girls who want to lose three pounds. 

Samba Wafers

They come in many flavours, are actually quite filling, and they're just as delicious as when you used to buy them as a kid. Thank you Samba gods for ensuring the price of your wondrous project stayed under a pound. 

Bisco Wafers

Having to compete with Samba and Shem3edan, Bisco wafers are just as filling and the package is the exact same size; had it not been for the wrapper, we'd say it's the same company or at least coming out of the same factory.

Fruit Effervescent packs

Bloated, feeling a little bit of acid reflux, had some KFC recently? This is a delicious cure and a more fruity option than Alka Seltzer. Get a whole bunch and store them if you get drunk and order junk food.

Local Mailing Stamps

With a price tag of 30p you can snail mail using these babies domestically, on low weight items, like a letter to your pen pal, or a letter to the president. Regardless of how trivial or important the context is, these babies will get the job done, in a little under two weeks. Letter writing is a lost art really - TOGETHER WITH OUR FIFTY PIASTERS WE CAN BRING IT BACK!

Nescafe' Classic Single Serving

For those in need of a quick caffeine fix. However we recommend buying 10 and using all of them in one coffee cup because one of these equals like, one eighth of a teaspoon. 

Pink Pies

Those pastries, which just started popping up at kiosks, are actually super yummy. Now we don't know what's in them for them to cost so little but they're worth every penny.

El Cofan

The rich man's Rivo, El Cofan is an Egyptian aspirin that will surely cure those hangover blues. We discovered these by accident as they're forced upon us when the pharmacy has no change.

Scotch Mint Packet

Usually a wise purchase judging by how our diets in Egypt consists of an onion-heavy based breakfast. Get a packet and keep it with you and rest assured you will run out fast seeing as you will likely be passing those left and right to avoid the Egyptian breakfast breath syndrome.

5 Cure-Aid bandages

This one packet seems to not go up in price, completely ignoring the country's rising standard of living, because you will get cut living here and often, and you will need more than just one.


A Twinky is still somehow 50p. Eat at your own risk, as it's a widely know fact that a Twinky will remain undigested in your system, waiting for the right moment to strike with diabetes or a stroke. 

Finger Gloves

Despite their undeniable resemblance to miniature condoms, that's not what they are. These single-finger gloves will surely come in handy when like, you need single-finger gloves we suppose.