Monday June 24th, 2024
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Two Gulf Men Imprisoned For Forcibly Shaving Asian Man

Two Doha residents were found guilty by a Qatari court after they tied up and shaved the hair, beard and moustache of an Asian driver.

Staff Writer

Two Gulf Men Imprisoned For Forcibly Shaving Asian Man

A disgusting act of racism has resulted in justice in Qatar, as two Gulf nationals were each sentenced to one year in prison for shaving the beard, moustache and head of an Asian expatriate driver.

It isn’t often that you hear of Gulf nationals being charged with hate crimes, but after hearing both sides, a Doha court decided that the two men would each serve a year for their actions.

The two men sentenced claimed that their actions were motivated by being the victims reckless of driving. They claim that they were driving carefully when without any warning their car was overtaken by the victim, almost causing an accident. The defendant claimed that he was driving normally, when the assailants’ car kept signalling him to pull over. Speaking to Al Raya, a local daily, the Asian driver claimed “The two defendants held me and tied me up on the back seat of my car. Then, one of them took out a shaver and shaved off half of my head, beard and moustache. They eventually untied me and sped away in their car. I alerted the police and an investigation was launched.”

Immediately after the victim filed a police report, an investigation found the culprits and they were detained. In the trial, the two men confessed to the crime, but continued to defend their actions by saying that they were teaching him a lesson for endangering the lives of motorists on the road.

Thankfully, the court saw through this defence, and punished the men for their abhorrent actions.