Sunday July 21st, 2024
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20 Speakers Not to Miss at the Debut Edition of Narrative Disruptors

The event is set to invite a host of different voices to the important discussion of nation branding in Egypt.

Staff Writer

20 Speakers Not to Miss at the Debut Edition of Narrative Disruptors

On Sunday 14th of April, industry leaders from Egypt, the Middle East and the world are coming together under one roof for the debut edition of Narrative Disruptors - a platform the invites the most influential and innovative figures from across a range of fields to take part in an important discussion at The Nile Ritz-Carlton: nation branding. An offshoot of the annual Narrative Summit, the goal is simple on the surface; to empower Egyptians to, as founder and PR guru, Lamia Kamel, likes to put it, take control of our story. It's a catchy slogan, yes, but look deeper and you'll find that this ambitious concept of nation branding has limitless potential for Egypt, a country that is full of not only history and heritage, but one that is full of forward-thinking gamechangers that have gone against the grain in one way or another, and come out the other side with a host of achievements.

What makes the Narrative series particularly interesting is that it doesn't shy away from the challenges either. If anything, it faces them head on, doesn't shy away from them and aims to pool the the expertise of these 17 speakers and channel it into the future of Egypt.  

 Elizabeth J.Linder // Beautiful Destinations

Executive director of Global Communications & External Affairs at groundbreaking online travel platform, Beautiful Destinations, Elizabeth J. Linder is the trail blazer responsible for leading her company into digital diplomacy, having with agencies that have been responsible for some of the world’s most innovative travel marketing campaigns. Starting at Google, Linder has worked with Facebook as well as held advisory positions with politicians, heads of states and civil society leaders. Linder then launched Conversational Century, which she refers to as 'an advisory movement'. Conversation Century is built around, Linder advising high ranking management and officials on leadership methods and conversation, across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Blerta Aliko // UN Women

UN Women Country Representative, Blerta Aliko, has over 22 years of experience in the field, having worked in the UN development and humanitarian programmes, as well as funds including UNDP, UNICEF and UN Women. Holding a masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Geneva,  Aliko is also played a role in the drafting of several policies in the United Nations Development Group and Inter Agency Steering Committee. 

Ahmed Mourad//Author

Author of critically-acclaimed novel, The Blue Elephant, Ahmed Mourad has, over they years, garnered a reputation as a trailblazer in mystery and suspense - genres that don't often find their ways into Egypt's mainstream consciousness. Revered for his tackling of political and social issues, the Cinema Institute graduate has also garnered critical claim - and one or two awards - for his work as a screenwriter.

Hala Hegazi // Nile Radio Productions 

Hala Hegazi, who is the managing director and group COO of Nile Radio Productions (NRP), is the disruptor behind the company’s first radio-on-TV show Nogoum FMTV and Egypt’s leading record label Nogoum Records. Hegazi worked with other big names in the media field including Orbit Satellite Television and Radio Network, cementing her position as a modern media guru in Egypt and the region.


Amy Mowafi // MO4 Network 

Co-founder and CEO of one of the country's leading creative digital agencies, MO4 Network, Amy Mowafi initially started off as the managing editor of one of Egypt's most prominent lifestyle magazines. Establishing several publications under the umbrella of MO4 Network, including CairoScene, CairoZoom, Startup Scene, Scene Noise, Scene Arabia and El Fasla, Mowafi is also published author and holds a Business Administration degree from Bath University. 

Ibrahim Sarhan // E-Finance

Serving as chairman and managing director of E-finance, founder Ibrahim Sarhan has had an extensive career. Working for ICL, Triangle and Raya Integrated, Sarhan was also a member of both the American Chamber of Commerce and Software Industry Chamber, Federation of Egyptian Industries. 

Tamer Mustafa //Out of Z Box 

An innovator is every sense of the word, Tamer Mustafa founded a startup in 1996, Out Of Z Box, which spearheaded a field of its own; corporate story-telling. Achieving regional fame for some of the most successful TED talks in Geneva 2013, in addition to being the proud winner of two Guinness World Record awards, among others, Mustafa went on to expand Out of Z Box to several regions including Africa, Western Europe and the Middle East. 

Hussein Rifai // MDIC

MDIC’s founder and CEO, Hussein Rifai, has a hand in some of Egypt's most innovative startups as an investor, as well as serving as board member a number of telecommunication, finance, real estate, software development and social companies in the region. MDIC is an organisation that offers consultancy and specialises in handling telecom operators, giving Rifai a unique perspective on a range of different fields.


Mariam Farag // MBC Group

An advocate for youth development and women's empowerment, Mariam Farag is an expert within her field, having had over 18 years of experience in social development, humanitarian relief, communication, corporate and social change, among other sectors. Currently with MBC Group, Farag  leads the CSR programme at the Middle Eastern broadcast company. The programme’s core goal is centered around both global and regional corporate responsibility and social impact. 

Mohamed Rahmy // Endeavor 

Graduating with a BA in Economics from AUC,  Mohammed is a corporate banker and economist, who made a career shift into the non-profit sector. Having worked with big names like AAIB, EFG-Hermes and Beltone, Rahmy went on to lead more than 3000 alumni with the graduate program at NY-based Seeds of Peace, which he directed. Launching the GATHER initiative, Rahmy then went on to join Endeavor in 2016.


Mohamed Kafafi // I-Score

Starting on his professional path in 1974, Mohammed Kafafi is the chairman and managing director of the Egyptian credit bureau, I-Score. A successful international banker who was selected by ‘I-Score’ to head the shaping of the first Egyptian private credit bureau in 2005, Kafafi also became a board member at Blom Bank Egypt and National Bank of Egypt’s Khartoum branch.

Waseem El Tanahi // Media Republic

CEO and founder of Cairo-based advertising and digital agency, Media Republic, Waseem El Tanahi left a life in London to launch Cairo-based lifestyle and review platform, Cairo 360, before purchasing one of the city's most popular blogs, Cairo Gossip, turning it into fully-fledged wesbite, too. His award-winning work with Cairo 360 builds on an impressive media and marketing career that has seen him work withe likes of Sony, Logitech, Disney and Atari.

Yasser Shaker // Orange

Yasser Shaker, CEO of Orange Egypt, has over 20 years experience in the field of technology and communications, having once sat as the Senior VP of Orange Middle East and Africa, where he played a role in Orange’s successful move towards digitalisation.

Yaseen Abdelghaffar // Solariz

Yassen Abdelghaffar is the founder of Solariz, Egypt’s leading solar energy company, which he established in 2013. Promoting Egypt’s journey towards energy independence with the eventual realisation of its role as energy exporter, Abdelghaffar is an advisor at AUC’s school of engineering and sciences as well as a board member at the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (MSME).

Iona Belu // EcoFashion.Studio

Currently working towards launching the first VR/AR/AI innovation ecosystem in cooperation with Egypt’s Minister of ICT, Amr Talaat, and Jordan’s Minister of ICT, Mothanna Gharaibeh, Iona Belu cooperates with global institutions and universities in an effort to promote sustainable habits and multicultural community. Founder of EcoFashion.Studio, the first online fashion platform of its kind which sources high fashion sustainably, Belu is a tech investor and network facilitator. 

Karim Shafei // Al Ismaelia Group

Karim Shafei is a man who has had plenty on his plate over the years. Founder of Context Consulting & Services for Textile Consulting, Khoyout Magazine and Context Trading for Exporting Garments & Textile Products, Shafei is currently the chairman of Al Ismaelia, the real estate investments company that has lead the way in conserving and renovating Downtown Cairo, while reigniting the area's incredibly rich and diverse heritage.

Asser Yassin // Actor, Writer, Producer

Asser Yassin needs little introduction. As one of a new generation of Egyptian actors that have brought the art back into the craft, Yassin stands as one of the most famous and popular figures in the film and TV industries, both in Egypt and the Middle East. Having worked with some of the biggest directors in the region, starred in some of Egypt’s most critically and commercially successful movies and picked up one or two awards along the way, Yassin exposed himself to a different side of the industry when he opened his very own creative hub and production company, Aranzad, making him one of the most well-rounded and versed movers-and-shakers in the field.

Khalil Abdel Khalek // Founder and CEO of Tabibia 24/7

The healthcare industry in Egypt has, and continues to, go through transformation at breakneck speed, with innovation popping up in some of the most unlikely of places, one of which is with Tabibi 247/ - an online portal that aims to bridge what founder Khalil Abdel Khalek saw as an alarmingly large gap between physicians and patients by allowing patients to request medical services online. A member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and a clinical fellow at University Hospital at Tuebingin, Germany., Abdel Khalek’s light bulb idea has set in motion an innovative new era in the often maligned medical system in Egypt.

Maha Al Sagheer // Artist and Founder of Maha Al Sagheer Designs

Fusing her passion for art and fashion, Maha Al Sagheer’s Egyptian heritage-inspired statement bags and accessories have made her namesake brand one of the most in-demand names in local fashion. Several memorable collections after debuting in 2010, Al Sahgeer found herself in front of the CBC cameras, where she co-hosts TV show, Showtime, where she has become a popular and familiar presence on the entertainment and lifestyle show, furthering her popularity and influence.

Mai Salama // Founder of The Worx

A heavy-hitter in the world of advertising and communications, Mai Salama has worked with some of the biggest local and multinational companies in her years in the business, including everyone from Orascom and Microsoft, to Juhayna and Danone. After taking up the position of Strategic Thinking and Planning Instructor at Cairo Ad School, she went on to found The Worx – an event management consultancy agency that has conceived events and conferences for the likes of Uber, Google and the World Youth Forum. The sheer variety of work that Salama has not only done, but succeed in, makes her one of the most unique speakers at the event.

Narrative Disruptors is taking place on Sunday 14th of April at The Nile Ritz-Carlton in Downtown Cairo between 8AM and 5PM. For tickets, click here.