Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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21 Incredible Photos That Document the Lives of Yugoslavian Refugees in Egypt during World War Two

Rarely seen photographs of Yugoslavian refugees in Egyptian during the Second World War have emerged.

Staff Writer

Egypt is filled with many mysteries and her history never fails to surprise us. The Daily Mail have recently released a collection of photographs intimately detailing the everyday lives of Yugoslavian refugees in Egypt.

The camp was located at Al Shatt in the Sinai desert along the Suez Canal. It was set up by the United Nations and the British in the summer of 1944, when thousands of Yugoslavs were fleeing from what is now Croatia amid an imminent German invasion.

More than 30,000 refugees lived in the camp for over 18 months, eventually returning to their native lands in 1946. The pictures below give a very close look at how they lived out their days in the refugee camp, showing both their hardships and pass-time pleasures.

Today, the site is the final resting place of 825 people who couldn’t survive the unforgiving conditions of the Sinai desert.