Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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28 New Egyptian-Japanese Schools to Start Registration Across the Country

The schools, which are meant to adopt the 'Tokosto Plus' Japanese educational system are meant to open in several locations across Egypt.

Staff Writer

There are new Egyptian-Japanese schools opening in Egypt soon and we reckon they’ll give other schools a run for their money. Online registration for the Egyptian-Japanese schools are scheduled to open the first week of August, according to their official Facebook page. 

The project, which will be implemented in 45 government-run schools, involves implementing the ‘Tokosto Plus’ educational system which is followed in Japan. The system is meant to teach the importance of valuing and respecting time and cleanliness. In addition, the schools will be obligating that parents of the children being admitted take courses to improve and enhance their parenting skills. The schools also promise to ensure that no teachers provide private tutoring off campus for the students. 

Amro Abdel Monem who leads the Egyptian-Japanese schools unit at the Egyptian Education Ministry stated that the tuition fees would range from EGP 2,000 and EGP 4,000. Some of what the schools aim to teach students is the importance of independence and self-reliance from a very young age and they have recently announced where they will be opening in coordination with the Ministry of Education on their Facebook page

The implementation of the Japanese educational system is meant to reform Egypt’s education system in four years according to the deputy to the Japanese ambassador in Cairo, as reported by Daily News Egypt. This reform began when 2,500 Egyptian students were sent to study in Japan for a five-year period last year. The project is one of many Japanese investments being implemented in Egypt amongst investments in the electricity sector and in construction. 

Check out the locations below. 

Images courtesy of the Japan Egypt School. 

Main image by MG Africa.