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28-Year-Old Egyptian Lawyer Beaten to Death by Delivery Guy Who Hit His Car

We reached out to Mohamed Saad El Sayed's father, who tells us all the heartbreaking details of Mohamed's tragic passing.

A Facebook post went viral on Sunday detailing the death of 28-year-old lawyer Mohamed Saad El-Sayed, after he got in a street fight with a delivery man in Zagazig. We reached out to Mohamed's father to understand the circumstances of the incident and the procedures currently being taken against the attackers.

"Mohamed was driving next to his fiancée in the city centre when he was hit by a delivery motorcycle. He got into a fight with the delivery guy that resulted in the latter's jacket getting ripped," El-Sayed's father Saad explains. "The guy refused Mohamed's offer to get him another jacket and called a group of his friends to come beat up my son. When they got there, they mercilessly hit my son until he dropped dead in the sight of his fiancée."

"Earlier in the day Mohamed died, I was talking to the contractor in order to speed up the process of getting his apartment ready. He was going to get married very soon," describes the heartbroken father.

After the altercation, the police arrested everyone involved except for the one who escaped and is still on the loose. The perpetrators were referred to the General Prosecution Authority for further investigation. 

El-Sayed's father, who had already lost his other son to a car accident five years ago, doesn't believe he will see justice being served against the alleged killers stating, "I have already lost my son to a car accident and no one was punished for it, why would it be different this time?"