Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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3,5000 Year Old Jewellery Collection Discovered in Minya

Three gold and soapstone rings, and a petal-shaped necklace, were discovered at a burial site in Minya.

Cairo Scene

A team of Egyptian and British archaeologists unearthed a 3,500-year-old collection of gold jewellery in Minya. Once the ancient city of Tell el-Amarna, the dig uncovered the burial site dating back to the 18th dynasty. The site included the mummy of a woman wearing three gold and soapstone rings, and a petal-shaped pendant necklace. One of the rings was inscribed with an image of the Egyptian deity Bes, who was worshipped as a protector of children and mothers. 

Supported by the University of Cambridge, the excavation project has been ongoing since 2005, studying the complex history of the Tell el-Amarna necropolis - which was built by the Pharaoh Akhenaten.