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3D Printing Gets Weird Already

Our New York partners, ExtraCurriculars, take a look at the latest development in 3D printing - taking 3D pregnancy ultrasounds and printing out life-size fetuses...

3D printing is a relatively new technology which allows us to create real things based off of digital models. The technology has been around for years but 3D printers have only gained mainstream attention in recent years as companies like MakerBot release affordable machines for the general public. As with any new technology that comes about, there’s always some whacked out people who are going to find new ways to freak us out with it. We had some early scares and revelations with 3D-printed guns. I’ve got some money in the stock market in a company called Organovo, which plans to 3D-print human tissues and organs. Well now there’s a company called 3D Babies, and for $600 they’ll 3D-print your ultrasound into a life-size fetus sculpture. That is not at all adorable and mostly creepy and weird.

If you’re interested, read more here. If you’re pregnant and for some reason excited about this, just order one now. If you just want to look, creepy photos are below:

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