Friday February 23rd, 2024
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3D Reconstruction of Ramses II Skull Brings Legendary King to Life

A team from Cairo University and Liverpool John Moores University used a 3D replica of the king’s skull.

Cairo Scene

For the first time in 3,200 years, we may be able to look upon the face of Ramses II, the most powerful pharaoh in ancient Egyptian history.

A team of scientists from Cairo University and the UK’s Liverpool John Moores University recreated the king’s likeness at the time of his death using a 3D replica of his skull, which had been put through a CT scan first. The scientists then reversed the aging process of the 3D replica, turning back time to see how the pharaoh would have looked like at the height of his power.

This is the second project of its kind that was overseen by Cairo University’s Professor Sahar Saleem, after being part of a scientific reconstruction of Tutankhamun's face completed by Canadian sculptor Christian Corbet.