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3alganoob Calls All Campers & Music Lovers To Soma Bay

Announcing the date, location and some of the most-loved musical acts on the roster this year, we're gearing up for the second edition of 3alganoob. Here's what we know so far...

Something big is about to change all of our Spring Break plans. We aren’t sure how many tickets there are or how much it will be yet, however all we can say for sure is that it will be awesome and worth cancelling any plans you've already made for Spring Break. How do we know this? Because we are speaking of the much anticipated return of the 3alganoob Festival; the three-day beach-side music festival where all in attendance became one with nature and sound, be it organically, chemically, or drum circle-induced.

The crew behind 3alganoob have just started to build the hype mysteriously, releasing clues everyday on their Facebook on how massive this happening will be. The updates began on Wednesday piquing our interest with a photo of a stunning beach under the Hashtag #3alganoob2015. Almost immediately followers of the page began speculating on the location only to find out the day after that this year’s festival will be held at the breathtaking Soma Bay.

Now that we know where, the questions becomes when? An answer we waited for all weekend only to find out yesterday that this three day festival will begin pitching their tents and opening their stage to a variety of local and international talents on April 10th-12th. It seems like every other day we would be given a small piece of a puzzle shedding a light on the massive picture that lay ahead.

Finally giving us something to talk about beyond location and time, the 3alganoob festival posted just a small sample of the kind of high caliber acts we can expect to find this year. Travelling from Jordan will be none other than acclaimed indie rockers Autostrad. Also on the line-up is the dynamic duo Maii and Zeid who will be tugging at heart strings with their beautiful melodies and excellent guitar rhythms. The post continues highlighting local favourites Sharmoofers who will be bringing their unique flair of fusing cultural sounds from Latin beats to oriental raps to the beach. The last band mentioned in the post is none other than the heart-warming, much talked about indie folk sounds of Jadal.

Needless to say that the starting line-up is impressive, but when we tried to contact the organisers to find out more they told us we would have to keep checking the Facebook page, as these four bands only represent less than a quarter of the acts that will be there. They also assure us that there will be an eclectic array of sounds and activities promising that, no matter what your preference is, the 2015 3alganoob Festival at Soma Bay will be the place to be this spring break...

For more details keep checking their Facebook by clicking here, as information seems to be coming out almost daily.