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4 Egyptians Dominate The China Open Squash Tournament

Top-ranked Egyptian players battle each other in The China Open Tournament finals and take home the gold.

The China Open, the first major event in the 2017 PSA world tournament finals were just a couple of days ago and Egyptians are already coming up on top. The world’s top-ranked female and male players battled through the finals as they played against each other.

Ramy Ashour, who formerly ranked as the world’s number one player went against Ali Farag in a very intense, 60-minute match while Nour El Sherbini, currently ranked as the world's top female player, battled against Nouran Gohar for 39 minutes.

The four final players fought hard and strong for the win, but at the end Ramy Ashour and Nouran Gohar took home first prize.

Egyptians once again prove they are the best at the game.

Main image: PSA