Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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5 Mysteries of Alexandria Solved

Have you seen Alexandria's green man?

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5 Mysteries of Alexandria Solved

The beautiful city of Alexandria is a source of fascination for many people. Between its deep history, beautiful coast, and colourful people, there’s a lot to learn from and love about this city. And because it's so rich, it is home to a number of fascinating mysteries. So for the love of this beautiful city, we’ve rounded up 5 of Alexandria’s ancient and modern mysteries that have been solved.

Underwater city of Thonis

One of the greatest mysteries of Alexandria has been the submerged city of Thonis, also known as Heracleion. Once a prosperous, thriving city, Thonis was submerged underwater around 1,500 years ago. The city remained an elusive mystery until it was discovered in 2000 by French marine archaeologist Franck Goddio.

Saying Mashrou3 Instead of Microbus

Ever noticed how Alexandrians call the microbus a mashrou3? That’s because when microbuses first became mainstream, they were part of the government’s Mashrou3 El Shabab for fresh graduates. The idea was to give them these buses to make a living, in order to decrease unemployment.

The Mysterious Green Man

Last week, Alexandrians were baffled by the sudden appearance of a mysterious man in a green suit. The masked man roamed around the city carrying nothing but a helmet, and posed for photos with curious onlookers. The man’s appearances around the city were documented on social media, with many people wondering where he came from, who he is, and why he’s here. We couldn’t just let this mystery go unsolved, so we did a little digging and found out that the green man is not, in fact, an alien here to begin an invasion. As it turns out, the mystery of the green man is actually something much cooler. It seems Careem are the ones responsible for this little Alexandrian mystery.To save Alexandrians from the city’s relentless traffic, Careem have launched a new scooter service that is now available on the app. Alexandrian users can now book a scooter to pick them up and zoom off to their destination, and that green man is here to announce the happy news.

Roshdy Haunted Building

One of the most notorious buildings in Alexandria, perhaps second only to the leaning tower of Azarita, the abandoned Roshdy Building has long been the home of numerous ghost stories. For years, people have claimed to hear screaming, see blood coming from the faucets, and one family even claimed to have found all their belongings thrown out onto the street overnight. Rumors about the source of the haunting vary, with one story claiming that the blood of a construction worker was mixed into the cement used on the building, while another story chalks it up to the fact that a mosque was allegedly torn down to make room for the building. In any case, we can lay these ghost stories to rest, as the building is now under new ownership and is being renovated.

Raya W Skeena

These notorious women were the inspiration for many movies, plays, and TV series. The story goes that Raya and Skeena lured women into their home only to murder them, steal their gold, and bury them under their home. However, a new theory suggests that it was in fact the two women’s husbands who were doing the killing, and that it wasn't other women who were murdered, but in fact British occupation soldiers.

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