Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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50% Off Mori Sushi With #HowIRoll

Wonderful news, everyone! Mori is celebrating nine years of delicious sushi by giving customers half off their order with their annual #HowIRoll.

Staff Writer

Whoever does not come to a halt when they hear 50% off Mori Sushi cannot be human - which is useful in our efforts to detect human-shaped killer robots. Just mention half off sushi and, if they don’t respond with completely unrestrained joy, then BAM! You’ve just caught yourself a Terminator. It’s only a matter of time before the robot over-mind can develop a robot capable of appreciating Mori Sushi’s 9th anniversary and their #HowIRoll 50% off promotion. Until then, we’ll just be here revelling in our ignorance of the impending robotcalypse and stuffing our faces full of California rolls. 

Every year, there is one special day which is basically like three Christmases rolled into one, where Mori Sushi treats all of Egypt to 50% off its delicious sushi. This annual occasion couldn’t possibly be easier. Sunday January 10th, get your butt into any Mori Sushi spot in Egypt (even in Alexandria and Gouna), snap an Instagramtastic image of your rolls (like you weren’t already going to), and upload it with the hashtag #HowIRoll. Obviously you have to tag @morisushi and let them know your table number and branch location so they know not to take your money. This sweet deal is only good inside the restaurant, though; don’t try to snap an Instagram with the delivery guy and expect him to cut you a deal. 

Celebrate the 9th year of some of the best sushi in Cairo and show Mori how you roll.

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