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50 Shades of Guantanamo Bay

Move over, Anastasia Steele! Gitmo prisoners are giving the 50 Shades of Grey protagonist a run for her money...

"I guess there's not much going on, these guys are going nowhere, so what the hell", US congressman Jim Moran stated after his tour of Guantanamo Bay, after learning that E.L James' Fifty Shades of Grey (and not the Qu'raan) was the most requested book from detainees charged with plotting the September 11 attacks in 2011. So maybe they are going somewhere, and that's to hell! Estaghforallah.

The BDSM bestseller, which sweeped the West's women off their feet, seems to be a fitting novel for inmates who are constantly ordered about, whipped and tortured by prison guards. Can you imagine after reading the novel, inmates pretend their Gitmo torture chamber is "The Red Room of Pain", envisioning themselves as the fictional college graduate Anastasia Steele, screaming at their captors, "Yes, Yes! Harder!". Got to do something to make it more interesting, right? 

P.S.: We don't mean to be offensive. The reported torture methods at Guantanomo Bay are a serious matter, but it can't be worse than reading 50 Shades of Grey.