Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Only 6 Egyptian Jewish Women Left in the Country

The number of Jews continues to dramatically decrease, with only 6 women currently left following a member's death.

Staff Writer

Only six women of Egypt's Jewish community are left following the death of Lucy Saul this Friday, according to the Egypt Independent. 

The news was shared by the head of the Jewish Community in Egypt, Magda Haroun, who announced the loss of Saul saying that the beloved member would be missed and that Saul was a great lover of arts. 

Egypt Independent shared Haroun's statement, “Everybody knew Lucy and her love and interest in the field of cinema. She was determined to attend film festivals and exhibitions of the visual arts.” She was also known as quite talented with languages as she spoke Arabic, French, Italian, and English fluently.  

Although there is no official count for the number of Jews living in Egypt today, although they had been once a thriving community of more than 60 000, it was estimated that a dozen Jews are left in the country. The community's matters are all handled by Haroun, who has taken charge since the death of previous Jewish Community Council (JCC) leader Carmen Weinstein in 2013.  

There are still a few synagogues open today for the public, such as Ben Ezra, with fewer actually holding service – however, the community continues to keep its heritage alive despite the dwindling number of Jews left.

Photo of Lucy Saul courtesy of Facebook's 'Women of Egypt'