Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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8 Questions We Want to Ask Tamer Hosny on Twitter

Tamer Hosny is taking questions on Twitter at #AskTamer all day today. Here are some things we would like to know...

Staff Writer

So singer, actor, style maven, and all around sexy beast Tamer Hosny is taking some time off his busy hair-grooming schedule to answer fan questions on Twitter all day today, Monday, July 11th. We don’t know about you, but we would never pass up on such an opportunity given our inquisitive nature and our keen journalistic interest in the music industry as it pertains to the subject of body hair. If you happen to share our appreciation for all things hair, go ahead and #AskTamer. We know we are! Here are some things we really want to know...

#AskTamer @tamerhosny, who is your hair stylist?

#AskTamer @tamerhosny, what is the ideal amount of hair gel to use on any given day?

#AskTamer @tamerhosny, what is the ideal amount of hair gel to use on a special occasion?

#AskTamer @tamerhosny, have you ever considered separating your eyebrows?

#AskTamer @tamerhosny, kol marra betshofny feeha beyeb2a nefsak eih?

#AskTamer @tamerhosny, how many buttons should we unbutton to show enough chest hair but not too much so we don’t end up looking like you?

#AskTamer @tamerhosny, how much did you have to pay @snoopdogg to appear in your video?

#AskTamer, @tamerhosny are you related to our managing editor @f_hosny? She denies it.