Sunday July 21st, 2024
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6ix Degrees are Going All Out for Their Opening Weekend

Finding a balance between tanning sessions and partying is what the perfect Sahel weekend is about.

Staff Writer

6ix Degrees are Going All Out for Their Opening Weekend

The moment every Sahelite’s been waiting for is finally here, with the opening of the North Coast's renowned party club, 6ix degrees. Anyone who’s anyone knows of the infamous club and its wild events which go the whole nine yards where partying is concerned. 

They’re outdoing themselves this year for their opening weekend - which will kick off on the 12th of the month - by hosting a roster of popular DJs and a side of live entertainment. They’ll be starting things off on Thursday with a Yellow party, featuring Armenian DJ Lyon Avakian and belly dancer, Alla Kuchnir. 

Think that’s a tough act to follow? Not for 6ix degrees. Their Friday night white party will feature entertainment by Vagabundos Ibiza and DJ Hady El Sabaa. And everyone knows the best way to burn off the day's calories is to dance the night away!

That's not all they've got lined up for the weekend though. Every true Sahelite knows that the party doesn't end until the very last day of the weekend and 6ix degrees will be topping it off with hip-hop vibes featuring DJ Mobzz and DJ AK.We’re not quite sure how we’ll be making it into work come Sunday morning but we’re firm believers that "when there’s a will there’s a way."  

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