Monday October 2nd, 2023
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6th October Aftermath

Usually a day for celebration, this 6th October saw at least 51 killed in clashes, while Egypt was rocked by three separate attacks this morning.

Staff Writer

All eyes are Egypt as building tensions between the military and Morsi-Supporters reach another apex. October 6th is usually a day for celebration as Egyptians remember the taking back of Sinai from Israel. However, this year was unlike any other as many Egyptians held their breath, hoping that October 6th would not go down in history as another massacre.

The end result of clashes has left at least 51 dead, sparking a new wave of resistance. This action prompted General Sisi to appear on television late on Sunday to reaffirm his commitment in fulfilling "the people's mandate to confront terrorism." This resistance quickly turned to terrorism as three attacks hit Egypt this morning in Cairo, Ismailia, and South Sinai.

In the upscale district of Maadi, armed assailants attacked a telecom facility, used to air channels on Egypt's Nilesat satellite, with RPGs, according to Sky News Arabia. The attack has caused very limited damage to some of the satellite dishes and fortunately resulted in no casualties.

Meanwhile in Ismailia, gunmen attacked an army patrol, killing one officer and four soldiers. Shortly afterwards, in the southern Sinai town of Al-Tor, two were killed and 48 were injured in a massive car bomb explosion targeting security headquarters.

Hopefully this trend will not continue, but Egyptians seem to be getting used to getting on with their lives during destabilising times, as many understand that this fight is long from over.