Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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7 Egyptian Poets You Need to Be Reading

We're all wondering why there was never a show called, "So You Think You Can Flow?"

Staff Writer

Poetry is probably one of the most underrated forms of expression. We're all wondering why there was never a show called, "So You Think You Can Flow?". Or maybe that's just us. But in any case, we've created a list of poets you need to be reading, watching, listening to and definitely supporting because these word wizards have us snapplauding at our computer screens. 

Mostafa Ibrahim 

Manifesto is the third collection of poems released by Mostafa Ibrahim, preceding Western Union and Haram. The poet's work has been commended by Abdel-Rahman El Abnudi and the late Ahmed Fuad Negm. Check out his SoundCloud here

Amr Hassan 


Amr Hassan's work includes Selfie and Panda. Hassan also has several recorded live performances on YouTube and Facebook. View one of his performances here and his Facebook page here

Mohamed Ibrahim 


Mohamed Ibrahim's work includes Lama Kuna as well as Matloob Habeeb. The poet has a loyal fan base of over 2 million followers on Facebook. Check out his Facebook page here

Doaa Abdel Wahab 


 Doaa Abdel Wahab's collection of poems Roh Izaz is on the top of our summer reading list this year. 

Mido Zoheir 

Mido Zoheir is known for his collection of poems Ho'net Hawa as well as Azrak which was performed by actor Ahmed Helmy in the famous TV series Al Gama'a. Check out his Facebook page here

Marwa Gamal Eldin  

In this YouTube video, poet Marwa Gamal Eldin performs a poem from her collection of poems Eshet El Banat, illustrating what it's like to be a woman living in a Middle Eastern society. 

Michael Adel 


In addition to poetry, Michael Adel has written several famous songs including Law Yatool Al Layl, Baladak Baeeda and Akher Ayam Om El Donya. Check out his Facebook page here