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7 Incredible Photos Of Dahab's Thunderstorm Last Night

As the coastal city was hit by a huge storm yesterday, Dahab's dwellers took to social media to share their insane captures.

 Dahab dwellers took to social media this weekend, as a powerful thunderstorm took over parts of the Sinai Peninsula this Thursday. According to citizen reports, the road between Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh was closed, as torrential rains hit the city and a “super cloud” appeared behind the Red Sea Mountains.

Facebook users took to the group ‘Let’s talk about Dahab’ and the twittersphere to share videos of flooded streets, closed roads and the lightning storm that extended throughout the night. The torrential rains reportedly caused flooding in other areas such as Ras Ghareb, according to Al Masry Al Youm. "Dahab thunderstorm now." Asmaa Hassanein posted on Thursday.

Photographer Micha Fechner captured the storm's arrival.

EYLBO shares a photo of the "super cloud" over Dahab's lagoon. 

 "First pic of the evening thunderstorm," by photographer Micha Fechner. 

"Dahab thunderstorm now." Asmaa Hassanein posted on Thursday.

"Surfaced from today's second dive just as the storm came rolling in," says Drifting Diver. 

The morning after the storm, posted by Coral Cost Hotel.

Moody Draz shares pictures of flooded streets in Dahab.