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7 Things Bad Egyptian Boys Do on the First Day of Eid

While the madfa3 is away, the boys will play...

Now we're sure most of you reading this are good, law-abiding, upstanding, morally-pure citizens of this dear land. But let's face it - lots of you aren't...

Guilt-free masturbating.

Don't even lie, we know that's the number thing on your to-do list this (and every) Eid. 

Falling off the wagon


Buying hash with your 3edeya.

A7la mesa brought to you by your parents. 

From kheimas to nightclubs

From tamr hindi to vodka Red Bull - the speed of the switch is bewildering. But have you put your name on the list?

 Release the kraken

When you let all those bottled feelings out towards everyone that pissed you off in Ramadan...

 Pharmacy shopping

Because you know why...

Get your Tinder game back on

*no more swiping left, they're ALL right*