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Egypt Now Has an Official List of its Own 'Seven Wonders'

Perhaps you want to go to travel to all seven wonders of the world, but don’t have the appropriate passport for it.

The Egyptian Association for Tourism and Archaeological Development (EATAD) in Luxor has announced its own ‘Seven Wonders of Ancient Egypt' list, designating seven remarkable locations across the country.

First on the list is, of course, Giza’s Pyramids, followed by Abu Simbel in Aswan, Valley of the Kings in West Luxor, Karnak Temple in Luxur, Dandera Temple in Qena, and Tomb of Petosiris in Minya.

Elaborating on the criteria applied to the list, Abu Zeid told Egypt Independent that each ‘wonder’ had to represent an architectural and artistic feat, retain its most valuable architectural components and be complemented by an ‘amazing story’.

The list was compiled by the EATAD board, as well as a team of experts in the fields of tourism and antiquities, according to a press statement by the association on Thursday. Abu Zeid said that that the list will be modified yearly based on the archaeological findings that occur.

Main image from Riyad Youssef