Wednesday October 4th, 2023
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8 Best Places To Study

Is the library's stressed-filled atmosphere too overpowering? Are you having difficultly concentrating in your own bedroom? Have no fear, Cairo Scene is here!

Staff Writer

School is back in session and with that comes great responsibility and/or procrastination. Whether you are a student who operates better late at night or a student who leaves everything to the last minute, these spots are for you! From 6th of October to Nasr City and everything in between, these places are great for studying or for feeding you on your well-deserved study breaks.

Townhouse Library - Downtown


Hidden away in Downtown Cairo, this little gem is one of our favourite places to study. There's free Wi-Fi, there's good coffee and their rare first edition books if you fancy yourself a break. Which you obviously shouldn't have because you are there to study, OKAY?!

TBS – Road 9, Maadi


Their couches are comfy, their doughnuts are so delicious they don't need to be dunked, oh and you can chill there for FREE anyway if you happened to be broke. 

Sufi Bookstore – Off of Brazil Street, Zamalek


This one goes out to all the hipsters who study on their MacBooks and browse the Internet through Tumblr while listening to some band none of y'all probably know.

McDonald's – Road 90, Fifth Settlement


Besides the fact that you can have fresh Big Macs straight away, road 90's McDonald's has a second floor which you can climb to and feel chilled and relaxed while studying and enjoying the panoramic view of the road. Oh, and there's free Wi-Fi! 

Cilantro – Nasr Street, Maadi


This is the ultimate place for everyone that lives in New Maadi who wants to study. As soon as you walk in, the only costumers you'll find are quiet students gulping their frappuccinos, one after the other.

Diwan Bookstore – 26th of July Street, Zamalek

Located in the heart of Zamalek, Diwan is one of our favourite places to study for the non-hipstery types. Their cappuccino is arguably good and you can treat yourself to new stationery and books to keep you motivated. 

Shakespeare & Co – 6th of October City

This place feels like you’ve walked into the 19th Century Victorian England. It is an absolute charm, and there is nothing like it in Cairo.