Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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8 Egyptian Actors That Have Aged Gracefully - Or Not So Much

Tarek Teko's photo album on Facebook shows how gracefully some of our actors have aged. While some look like they are literally melting, some look like they are younger than their past selves.

Staff Writer

8 Egyptian Actors That Have Aged Gracefully - Or Not So Much

What can we say, ageing is a dreaded process. While some go through it gracefully and remain attractive into their elder years, others are not so lucky. With the ageing process comes facial deformity, the feared melting cheek and neck line or the notorious forehead fold. With regards to actors though, it seems god blessed them with genes that take them through the ageing process as gracefully as a fluttering butterfly - or lots of money to afford plastic surgery (mostly the latter). We stumbled across Tarek Teko's photo album Time Machine on Facebook, that places Egyptian actors today next to their younger selves. It's fascinating to see how some have aged normally, others haven't aged at all, and some look better than their past selves!

Adel Emam

Adel Emam is one of the best Egyptian actors ever. His prolific career started when he joined his university's theatrical group while he was still a student studying agricultural engineering. Since then, it seems Emam has been able to maintain his features - he might have gained a few pounds, making his face a bit fatter, but other than that we don't think he changed that much and he has been ageing gracefully. Looking at the photo of his present self, you will probably notice the neck lines and also the forehead wrinkles, but look closer at the picture of his younger self, you will see that they were always there...

Amr Diab

Amr Diab's singing career sky-rocketed in the eighties. As Egypt's rising star then, he was considered to be one of the best looking artists to come out at the time, and he was. Now, Amr actually looks younger at 54 then 21! How does he do it you ask? A little secret called human growth hormone and lots and lots and lots of plastic surgery. We do not condone the use of human growth hormone, it is a dangerous practice that can cause heart problems, cancer growth, and shockingly handsome men - use at your own risk!

Esaad Younis

Esaad Younis has been sailing through the years in style; her face looks as beautiful now as it did then and not a lot of surgery seems to have taken place - maybe some fillers and Botox but doesn't look like she went under the knife yet. She doesn't appear in as many roles as we would like, but when she does, most of the time she outshines her female guests - even some of the younger ones. The lady looks like a fucking rock star to be honest, at 65! Keep on rocking love.


Ohh Lebleba, years may have passed but luckily she has a team of plastic surgeons at her dispense to overhaul her entire exterior. Looks like she may have had some work done- a couple of nips and tucks around the body area, and a facelift or five seems to have taken place! Regardless, she is looking good, and her recent roles show that she is still filled with that spunk and pizzaz that is and has been her winning card through the years. We love you Lebleba!

Mahmoud Abd-el-Azeez

Looks like Mahmoud has been stung by a bee lately, but that's just when compared to his sexy dashing former appearance. In complete fairness the man still looks handsome for his age group. At 69 years old, he trumps any competitor for least facial swelling at that age - just look at Donald Trump who is also 69, yet looks like his entire face is melting and drooping off of his cheek bones. Mahmoud Abd-el-Azeez is for his age and in comparison to other men born in the same decade, a fantastic graceful ager. 

Nadia el-Gendy

How do you say bombshell in Arabic? We don't know but Nadia el-Gendy is certainly one to contend for such a title! At 77 years old this lady is looking as good now as she ever did before. Like all things good, Nadia seems to only be getting better with age. As she is called in Egyptian media, "The Queen of Seduction" has been able to maintain her status through the years, and if this list was a competition she would win it hands down!

Nour el-Sherif

The late Nour el-Sherif is one of Egypt's best actors, and some would argue one of the industry's handsomer ones too. Throughout his career Nour has been able to come out with an image that suits his age and has shown only minimal signs of strain or facial feature disintegration unlike many others. He looked amazing at the successful start of his career and managed to maintain that until the unfortunate end. Rest in peace Nour.

Samir Ghanem

Household favourite and prolific comedian/actor/TV show host, is on his 78th trip around the sun, and looking good! His cheek and neckline might have drooped a bit, and his chin looks a bit inflated, but he still looks graceful and charming. Not a lot has changed through his career in terms of facial hair - he is still donning that ever-so-Egyptian moustache and although he has always worn a hair piece, he has changed its style several times in his career, even appearing bald in some roles showing that he is not self conscious of the hair-loss. He has been ageing with grace and we hope he continues to do so.