Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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8 Kits to Keep Your Little Ones Busy During Quarantine

All eight of these fun, educational kits can be ordered to your home.

Staff Writer

8 Kits to Keep Your Little Ones Busy During Quarantine

Kids are great, right? (Right?) But it's easy to fall behind with their need to stay active and keep their minds buzzing. As we’re facing continuous lockdown, schools and nurseries aren’t likely to open up anytime soon (and for good reason). We’ve found eight of the best kits that mommies and daddies can order from home so they can keep those kids entertained


  1. Sane Egypt

Making kits for literally everything under the moon, Sane designs DIY boxes for Ramadan, jewellery, tie-dye, and even birdhouses. Order yours through @saneegypt.


  1. Slime Kit

Gross your kids out with the original slime kit, sold at Hedeya stores or through their IG page, @theoriginalslimekit.


  1. WOODWONDER by Dania Gohar

Making customized busy boards from wood, these creations come with a variety of objects, shapes, and colours. Order through their IG page.


  1. The DIY Kit

Aptly named, this page makes kit for, well, everything. Any season, any holiday, and even for bath salts, you can choose the kit of your liking from the flyer in their IG story highlights.


  1. Noran’s Art Box

Making arts and crafts boxes for children for every occasion, from Easter to Ramadan, these kits will let your little ones channel their inner Picasso. Order through @artbox_noran


  1. Zagazoo

Making adorably customized busy bags full of games and activities that promote play-based learning, Zagazoo even lets you choose the design and have your child’s name printed on them.


  1. The Busy Baby

This brand makes colourful busy boards with custom names, and shaped after different animals. Get a rainbow xylophone and other nifty trinkets for your little cutie through their IG page.


  1. Cherries Preschool

This nursery-turned-kit vendor makes the ultimate Ramadan craft kit for kids. Lanterns? Check. Ramadan fabric painting? Check. House decorations? Check. Order through their IG page.