Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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8 Musical Happenings Across Cairo This Weekend

New month, new musical adventures? You have a whole weekend to go out and explore your musical taste. Beyond One Direction.

Staff Writer

December is opening up this weekend with funked up beats all over the city, and between sneaking into GUC to catch Sharmoofers perform and Funking and Popping, to catching Grammy Award winner Fathy Salama at Cairo Opera House, you won't have to go through the awkward conversations at work on Sunday about how you spent the weekend staring at your cat. 

Sharmoofers @ GUC

The cheeky chaps known as the Sharmoofers take their tongue-in-cheek lyrics and unique musical style to give the GUCians the time of their lives. You can join the kids and not have to worry about looking odd because the entire fanbase might be just as insane as the crazy crew on stage, who will be spitting controversial mocking lines about influencers and politicians that will have you cracking up or rethinking your entire mindset. They're also quite energetic so feel free to bust out a move.

Time: 6 PM - 9 PM
Reservations: Online here

Yehya Khalil @ Cairo Jazz Club

The adorable Yehya Khalil, who is just as endearing as Santa Claus, will be gracing Cairo Jazz Club with another spectacular show alongside the Egyptian Jazz Fusion Band, who will be bringing an Eastern jazzy sound. Expect loud drums, insane sax, and a never-ending flow of refreshments - if you make it to the bar. It's going to be absolutely packed, so pack light. 

Time: 10 PM - 2 AM
Reservations: 02-33459939


Weekend Shenanigans (Thursday & Friday) @ Nineteen Twenty-Five

This place is taking the party scene by storm! We expect them to take over your weekend with their Disco Diva-themed night on Friday, which will involve DJ Lyon warming up the party grooves for you since you've probably been stuck at home for quite a while and haven't spoken to another human being in days. Next night, Dalida Anstasia's hip-shaking oriental moves will encourage the inner Shakira in you to come out. DJ Ghandoukly will be taking over later in case your moves needed a funky beat. Don't be one of those people who show up with a backpack. This isn't Sandbox.

Time: 9 PM - 3 AM
Reservations: 0121 210 3512

Funk N Pop @ Royal Club Mohamed Aly

Funk N Poppers, here's round 18. Get ready to bump into everyone you've ever known (school, uni, work, random encounters in toilets of previous raves, ex-lovers, bosses) on the spacious green outdoor venue as Ali Goede, Sefsafa, Nour Project, Tamer Auf, and Omar Sabh take over the main stage while Omzy, Shiha, and Azaar spice things up in the audiozone (silent disco) where your headphones will be required. Don't ask questions.

Time: 1 PM - 9 PM
Reservations: 01001790022 or email

Pulse @ Omar Khayam Boat

The lineup for this one is huge, so if you're looking for a wide array of tunes and you just want to party, this is the one for you. The UK duo Leftwing & Kody specialises in tech house, and they'll be joined by Spanish techno sensation Lexlay, along with local talents Abou Samra, Jimmy, Ramy Salah, Hafez, M.Badr, and The Horrible DJs. We only added the Horribles to this because we work for them. Boat + drinks + music = a guaranteed great night out. 

Time: 3 PM - 3 AM
Reservations: 01275097650 or 01003110805

Wust El Balad @ El Sawy Culture Wheel

You're probably only going there to stare at Hany Adel because he has smouldering eyes and a sweet velvet voice... but nevertheless, Wust El Balad never grow old, and Adham El Saeid, Ahmed Omran, Ahmed Omar, Asaad Nessim, Ehab "Bob" Abdel Hameed, and Mohammed "Mizo" Gamal Al Din will be giving El Sawy a whole new level of fangirling. Their lyrics, melodies, and whole look is just irresistible. They're basically One Direction if 1D actually had a D.

Time: 7 PM - 10 PM
Reservations: Tickets are for 50 LE available at the door.

Sharkiat Ft. Fathy Salama @ Cairo Opera House

He is one of the few Egyptians with a Grammy at home, so you can trust that Fathy Salama's music is not bad at all. This guy knows his Arab jazz. He's performing at the Opera alongside his Sharkiat ensemble, so goosebumps are expected. Make sure you suit up instead of the usual hobo look. It's the Opera. Tell your friends, too.

Time: 8 PM - 10 PM
Reservations: 02-27390188

Hip Hop W/ Fat Sam @ The Tap East

Just like Fat Amy, Fat Sam is good at his music. The Tap East will be throwing one of their huge hip hop nights where everyone shows up looking like Eminem and Beyonce. Just kidding. The place is very chill, and you can totally have a conversation if you stand near the door, but otherwise everyone is too busy dancing. Golden chains? Check. Baggy jeans? Check. Swag? Check. Thug life? Chose you.

Time: 10 PM - 3 AM
Reservations: 01060000865