Sunday December 10th, 2023
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8 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Bachelor Party

Your last night as a single man deserves something more unique than a beer or a baladi dance party. The CairoScene guys have got you covered...

Staff Writer

While hitting your favourite bar or throwing a no-holds-barred house party might seem like the easy options, why not think outside the box on your last day of freedom?

Rent a Yacht in Sokhna

Take a trip to the big blue sea with your best friends with relatively cheap rent prices, complete with a fresh fish dinner - a must for any bachelor. A small yacht that takes 10 - 15 people will set you back around 1500 LE for a day, while a larger boat that accomodates up to 30 people is around 4000LE for 12 hours. Book the yacht pictured by calling El Rayes Yehia on 0112 351 6568.

Turn Your Favourite Hangout into a Raging Party

You know where you and your shella always hang out and this is exactly the perfect place to spend your last night of a single life with your best friends. Rent out the whole place and throw yourself a little mahragan like these guys. Most local ahwas will have no problem shutting down for the night should you promise to spend as much as they'd usually make, and they too would love to spend your last night as a single man in the company of a bellydancer.

An Old School Spa

You can go with your friends to Hammam El-Sultan to get all relaxed and ready before the wedding. With saunas, hot tubs, jacuzzis and male masseurs, this is for the guy who doesn't need any female attention other than that of his bride-to-be (awwww). You can also have a mud mask or a traditional Moroccan scrub at these historic baths, getting your skin glowing ahead of the big day. Check out Hammam El-Sultan on Facebook here.  

Get High and Play Bubble Football

Isn’t it the greatest thing in the world to goof around with your best mates? Get drunk, stoned or just high on life, and then go play bubble football, for a testosterone-fueled yet pain-free way to get all that energy out. It's endlessly entertaining and makes for hilarious videos. You can find the game all year round at Smart Village and this summer at Sahel's Diplo 4 thanks to these guys.

Sail Like a King

Now there are feluccas, then there's Fel-Felucca. The cult phenomenon that saw traditional vessels upgraded with plush furniture, surround-sound speakers, freshly cooked food and a gorgeous dock have announced they'll be continuing after Ramadan. And what better place to celebrate just about anything, than smack-dab in the middle of the Nile. Check out their prices and how to book here.

Let's Go to the Beach, Beach

For just 1520 LE per night you can rent this house in Sharm El-Sheikh and you and 9 of your friends can comfortably get away. With a sea view, five bedrooms and a private pool, we can only imagine what sort of reckless nights this house has seen. Do it the honour of going hard, or going home.

A Traditional Fish Feast

Egyptians have this strange connection between seafood and sex. Go feast on aphrodisiacs before the big night. Anywhere between Ismalia and Port Said is perfect.

Zamalek Bar Crawl

If there's one place were a good old fashion bar crawl is possible in Egypt, it's Zamalek. Leave your cars at home so you don't drink and drive but it's ok - everything is walking distance anyway. We've made a map for you. You're welcome.