Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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9 Popular Ras Sudr Spots Combat Violence by Instating Blacklist Similar to Cairo's

Ras Sudr’s popular venues have just unified to ban individuals who incite violence on their property, similar to the recent Cairo-wide violence ban instated by nightclubs.

Staff Writer

Last month, 13 of Cairo’s most popular nightlife venues and organisers, including Nacelle, ByGanz, Zigzag, Loft 21, and Cairo Jazz Club, joined forces to impose a ban on anyone who incites violence at any of their respective premises. The offender will not only be banned from the site on which the violence occurred, but from all other venues and events that have imposed the ban as well. Following suit, many establishments in Ras Sudr have collectively agreed to impose a similar ban in a bid to eradicate violence in the popular holiday destination.

Egyptians are no strangers when it comes to picking a fight. Just last month a woman was attacked in a Cairo club while trying to break up a fight; a testament to the importance of having a ban of this kind.

Matarma Bay Hotel, Soul Kitesurfing Center, 20 Knots Kitesurfing Club, The Surf Hub Ras Sudr, Pheonix Kitesurfing Center, Three Sixty Kitesurfing Center, The Kitebuzz Kitesurfing Center, Fly Kitesurfing Center, and Bayside Hotel Ras Sudr are all enforcing this ban which applies generally at these venues at any point of the day.Photo: CairoZoom