Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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A Cairo University Committee is Set to Review Tora Prison Conditions

A committee of specialists is being formed at Cairo University to review the facility, by order of the Administrative Justice Court.

Staff Writer

The State Commissioners Committee, an organ of the country’s Administrative Justice Court (AJC), has ordered the formation of a tripartite committee from Cairo University to investigate the conditions of Tora Maximum Security Prison and produce a technical report on their findings, according to Masrawy.

The newly formed committee will include experts specialising in the fields of medicine, engineering, and human rights, to evaluate whether living conditions in the prison are suitable for inmates.

The State Commissioners’ Committee approved the establishment of the review committee following complaints from non-governmental organisations representing prisoners’ families, and thus ordered the President of Cairo University to form the committee.

The report will focus on the condition of the buildings, the wings, and especially the hospital and will ascertain whether inmates live in proper conditions, including having access to clean water, sufficient food of appropriate quality, and suitable healthcare.

Complaints against the penitentiary claim that the very structure of it is harmful to human health, blocking sunlight and proper circulation of air from the building. They also claim the prison’s management disrupts visits and the flow of medicine, food, and other provisions into it. Once the report is complete, the technical committee will submit its work back to the AJC, which will ultimately decide on the prison’s fate.

Photo Credit: Cairo University.