Saturday May 25th, 2024
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A Lesson in Epicness

The launch of Epic 101 Studios gives young artists the opportunity to unleash their creativity in a safe and nurturing environment. CairoScene plays on...

Staff Writer

A Lesson in Epicness

We love the cultural renaissance that’s been going on in Egypt over the last couple of years, with new artists, musicians, spaces and more popping up left, right and centre.

We also love using the word ‘renaissance’ – it’s epic. Speaking of ‘epic’, we’re super impressed by Epic 101 Studios (see what we did there?), a forward-thinking venture by some of the youngest and brightest production talent we’ve come across.

With rapid developments in technology, Hussein El Sherbini, Ismail Hosni and Mahmoud Shiha – all budding musicians/ directors/ producers/ videographers – realised that musicians, filmmakers and even corporate brands no longer need huge studios to create a professional production. With their talents and technical skills, the threesome knew they could support the Egyptian arts and media scene by providing quality studio space, professional equipment and impeccable production at reasonable costs. “The idea is to offer high quality at low budget,” says El Sherbini who added, “It’s called Epic 101 because we’re trying to give everyone a beginners course in epicness.”
Epic indeed – the crew has already been recruited by some serious corporate clients including Toyota and several local ad agencies to help them produce viral campaign videos, radio jingles, graphic branding and more. But it’s not about the big bucks – “We really want to encourage the new generation of artists to work to an international standard,” says Hosni. That being the case, unlike most studios, Epic101 doesn’t charge by the hour but by project. “It’s tough to be creative when you’re constrained by time and thinking about pounds and minutes,” says El Sherbini. Willing to take on projects from any point in development – whether you come to them with a simple song idea, a demo tape or reels of footage – the expert team are more than happy to coach, assist and develop budding talent. “We even have special rates for the ‘starving artist’ types,” says El Sherbini. CairoScene suggests they call it the Starving Artist Package. The guys agree. Epic.
Find out more about Epic 101 Studios by visiting their Facebook fan page here and follow them@Epic101Studios