Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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A Look Inside AlBurouj, Cairo East's First Cultural Hub

Alburouj culture hub is bringing us all the culture and art we need in one spot.

Staff Writer

A Look Inside AlBurouj, Cairo East's First Cultural Hub

Ghandi once said that “a nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people."

In Egypt, as the cultural scene continues to flourish and art continues in its journey towards becoming a pivotal aspect of Egyptian life, the country is seeing an upswing in new art forms, platforms and promoters. Spreading the cultural wave onto the outskirts of the city and on a larger scale,  Cairo East's first cultural hub has finally opened up its doors in Alburouj, the perfect integrated community.The cultural hub, which is operated by El Sawy Cultural Wheel, promises to be a meeting point for all of the country's art and culture connoisseurs, after having entered the scene with a bang on the 11th of October with a concert featuring the talented Omar Khairat and with Ramzi Yassa as a guest of honour. It was nothing short of fabulous with a venue that takes up to7000 standing or 2500 people seated with all the seats being filled the day of the opening.  

Alburouj Culture Hub comes as a collaboration between Capital Group Properties and El Sawy Cultural Wheel. And because, it's all about location, location, location, the cultural hub is easily accessible, being 20 minutes away from Heliopolis and 15 minutes away from New Cairo and The New Capital. So maybe switch up your usual weekend plans and finally get your culture game on.

The culture hub aims to grow Egypt's cultural scene by supporting both local and international artists as well as hosting all kinds of events including educational shows.

Now, we’re no oracles, we can barely manage our own lives but from the looks of it, the culture hub is shaping up to be the destination for all those of us who prefer the finer things in life. 

Other partners include Orchard Park by Bustan Aquaponics, CADMUS International school by SABIS, Alburouj Smart Village EAST and Alburouj Medical District by Redcon.

Check them out their lineup of events, here and check out Alburouj's website.

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