Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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A New Dawn on a Golden Age

Alchemy and Cairo Jazz Club are celebrating the positive, philosophical and downright pleasure-seeking parts of New Year's Eve with two very different events, with one idealistic aim.

Staff Writer

There are many ways to look at New Year's Eve. You can be a miserable earthly fellow and see it as just another day on the calendar, no different to any other miserable day of your life, where you'll get up the next morning with a hangover and carry on as usual. You can look on the brighter side of things, call it punctuation on all the things you're not happy with in your life, make grand personal resolutions like not smoking, drinking or calling your ex girlfriend again, all of which will then be binged on by February.

But there is in fact more significance to the New Year, especially this one; according to the Ages of Man, we, as a planet, are entering The Golden Age, which is essentially an evolution of man, an elevation of consciousness and a revolution of technological advancement...

So when contemplating how to spend your New Year's Eve, the people at Cairo Jazz Club and Alchemy seem to have got it spot on, celebrating the latter. Okay, yes, there'll be a lot of booze and partying involved too, but still, no need to get all righteous about it.

Cairo Jazz Club will be ringing in the new year with their party 'A New Dawn', featuring DJ Omar Sherif from London, as well as a warm up set from DJ Zalat. You're expected to dress to impress and leave your weighty '13 troubles at the door.

In parallel to the CJC party, Alchemy will be hosting the 'Golden Age' shindig, promising their own version of heaven on earth. Or at least, party heaven on earth. This will be an open bar event and table reservations will receive a special all-inclusive set menu. To secure your name on their 'guest scroll', call 0109 777 5719

Anyone who has been granted access to the ‘Golden Age’ celebration, automatically has a rite of passage to Cairo Jazz Club’s ‘A New Dawn’ party, so long as they make it there before 2am.

Have a Happy New Year everyone, see you in an new era!