Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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A Petition To Stop Dog Poisoning in Egypt Is Gaining Steam

The petition has amassed over 10,500 signatories.

Staff Writer

We’ve all heard about the systematic poisoning of stray dogs all over Egypt, and we’ve all been heartbroken by it. While stray animals can be a minor nuisance for some, they’re mostly harmless (and often cute) creatures just trying to survive out there. Unfortunately, some feel the need to exterminate them in the most ruthless ways, despite repeated attempts by animal welfare groups to promote more humane ways to control the problem, like TNR (trap, neuter/spay, release).

A campaign to stop the slaughter of dogs is quickly gathering steam, having amassed more than 10,500 signatories. It calls for an end to the use of Strychnine poison, which is a heavily regulated toxic substance in most Western countries.

The petition was started by Yasser Shaaban on petitionsite.com (Care 2 Petitions), and has a goal of 100,000 signatories. The petition pleads against the inhumane action against animals, and also claims that the poison is harmful to humans, as well as the environment. It gained about 200 signatories in about an hour so far.

Love animals, humans, and the environment? Sign the petition here.