Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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A Piece Of Cake

You’re supposed to make a wish and look forward to a bright future yet sitting in front of you is a scummy half fruit, half chocolate concoction baked in a place that smells of melted plastic and broken dreams.

Staff Writer

We’re not talking about birthday cake. We’re talking about Egypt.

Meanwhile we’ve just discovered the best ever non-schizophrenic cakes baked with love, care and plenty of hope…

The picture was taken by us at Arkan before they told us we could taste for free.

During a forced family fun day at Arkan last weekend we stumbled across Cakes & Co. and fell in love. And not just because they gave us free cake. But because it was all actually yummy.

“There are so many stores around Egypt just doing cupcakes or cookies or little snacks, I wanted to do something different,” says founder Nadine Kabbani. She’s been cooking since before she was in her mother’s tummy and she’s bringing her lovely dovey spongey home-made goodnness straight to your tummys with her new venture. So next time you need to get a cake for that special occasion, avoid those massive corporate dessert companies that sprinkle your cakes with asbestos and cat meat. Promote small local businesses and get your lips around one of Nadine’s wholesome and tasty cakes!

N.B. Her carrot cake is  a must try and possibly the best in Egypt. We’ve asked about it and 12 out of 8 rabbits would have a nibble.

For orders contact Cakes & Co. on  01207111171 or e-mail orders.cakenco@gmail.com. You can check out their menu on their fanpage here