Friday March 31st, 2023
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A Special Kind of Simit

Turkey's top simit chain has landed in Cairo and they're offering great deal only for those who follow them on Instagram...

Staff Writer

We’ve been all there, stuck in Cairo traffic and dying for something to eat. Your eyes begin to roam your immediate surroundings and spot a couple of food vendors, flogging some baked goods that’ll totally hit the spot, but really – who wants to eat something of questionable origins that has been collecting dust and pollution since god knows when, no matter how desperate you are?

Enter Simit Sarayi, the legendary Turkish bakery that’s finally opened its doors in Cairo. If you didn’t know, simit – that half-pretzel-half-bagel thing that has become intrinsically linked with Egypt’s traffic – was actually invented in Istanbul in the 1500s and has become a staple of Turkey and beyond ever since. The Turkish chain has been modernising and revamping the traditional snack since 2002, feeding  the on-the-go generation with freshly baked goodies in all sorts of combinations. Opening its doors in Cairo recently, tongues are already wagging about the store which has the perfect position by the Mobil gas station on New Cairo’s Road 90. Now, they want you to snack more efficiently by releasing a special offer every day, only for their Instagram followers.

Log in and follow @SimitSarayiEgypt and starting tomorrow, 11th March, and until the end of the month, they’ll be posting a different offer every day on specific items. All you have to do is say you heard about it on Instagram and they’ll hand over the goods!

Find out more about Simit Sarayi in Egypt here.