Saturday May 18th, 2024
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AJ Journo Mohamed Fahmy Plans Prison Wedding

Jailed Al-Jazeera English journalist Mohamed Fahmy and his longtime girlfriend Marwa Omara hope to get married in a prison ceremony.

Staff Writer

AJ Journo Mohamed Fahmy Plans Prison Wedding

Jailed Al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy is planning to get married behind bars.

The lovestruck reporter is requesting prison authorities for permission to wed his long-term lover Marwa Omara.

Speaking to Canadian media, Fahmy's bride-to-be told how the romantic move is designed to celebrate their love despite difficult circumstances.

She said: "Our love has not been challenged or threatened by his draconian sentence.

"We have submitted a request to the ministry of interior to allow us to have our wedding in prison, alongside our immediate family members.

"This celebration of our eternal love will also serve as a message of defiance echoing Mohamed Fadel Fahmy's favourite phrase: 'Free behind bars.'"

However Omara also told of her heartbreak, when her future husband was jailed for seven years alongside colleagues Baher Mohamed and Peter Greste earlier this year.

She said: "On June 23 came the gut punch. A courtroom filled with journalists, diplomats, and family members broke into tears as the judge announced the seven-year sentence."

The pair first met when Fahmy was introduced to Omara at a Christmas party in Cairo in 2011.

The proposal is currently under review by the Interior Ministry.