Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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ALERT: The Tap Now Has Foreign Beers

The Tap always makes us happy, but now, between its new selection of foreign beers and their recently announced happy hour specials, we're about to explode with sheer joy!

Staff Writer
The single most awesomest, kick-ass-iest bar in Cairo is set to give you even more reasons to bail out of work early to get responsibly inebriated with your crew. The Tap has done the impossible; they’ve conjured up a new selection of foreign beers out of seemingly thin air! You read that right; The Tap is now serving beverages that aren’t Stella, Sakara, or Heineken. Not that we don’t love those but variety is the spice of life, knowwhatimsayin?
The fiesta finds Cairo with the introduction of Sol and Desperados to the taps of...oh, The Tap, we just got that. Clever. Sol is a Mexican beer made by a German guy, which proclaims ‘Espiritu Libre!’ with each light and exhilarating sip. It’s kind of like laying on a beach in Mexico, the sun warming your body, then realising you’re going to get a sunburn but then remembering that you put on plenty of sunblock. 
Desperados solves a nagging problem that a huge subset of the population has; every time they go out to a bar, beer or spirits? It’s beer plus tequila-aged barrel lager, a combination that will certainly wreck you less than if you drank both those separately. 
The resourceful chaps at The Tap have also brought in Strongbow cider. It’s made from apples so it sort of counts as a serving of fruit, plus it’s freakin’ delicious and super-light. It’ll also totally satiate that annoying attention seeking 'gluten-free' friend that bitches every time you guys go out about how delicious and gluten-y everything is and they can't eat or drink it.  
Not only has The Tap lined up an exciting new line up of three foreign liquids, they’ve also kicked off a happy hour special! Everyday from 5-8 PM you can buy one beer and get one beer free. We know you're excited - we’re excited too - but wait 'till you hear this: all you can eat chicken wings during happy hour. We repeat, ALL YOU CAN EAT DELICIOUS TAP CHICKEN WINGS AND BUY ONE GET ONE BEER 5-8 PM EVERY DAY! What else could anyone possibly need?
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