Saturday May 25th, 2024
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AUC Partners up With Harvard

Harvard University is partnering up with AUC's Egyptology department.

Staff Writer

AUC Partners up With Harvard

An agreement to establish long-term relations, which will include more collaborations, was recently signed between Harvard University and the American University in Cairo (AUC) , more specifically, with AUC's Egyptology department.

Part of the partnership sees AUC hosting a Harvard Phd student in Spring 2019, who’ll get access to field experience and will be granted the opportunity of studying at AUC’s Egyptology department.

AUC president Francins Ricciardone adds, “Bringing back Americans and others to study, teach, and do research in Egypt and at AUC is a top priority in our quest for excellence as ‘Egypt's global university [...] And, as AUC and Harvard have just agreed -- what better field to advance this precise purpose than Egyptology."

Stating that the exchange will mutually benefit both entities with AUC having the on-ground research and Harvard having a professor “at the forefront of digital Egyptology,” Professor and Unit Head in AUC’s Department of Egyptology, Salima Ikram, exclaims her excitement at the deal.

Ikram also commends the Giza project, which is a collaborative project based at Harvard and works as a free database for research materials and archeological records. 

Harvard’s Peter De Manuelian adds “We are very excited about this new collaborative exchange agreement between Harvard and AUC, and look forward to increased 'traffic' on this two-way street between Cairo and Cambridge.”

AUC is one of the leading universities in the MENA region and has been around since 1919.