Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Absolut Vodka Takes Over Basement Urban Pub For a Wild Christmas Escapade

Unlimited supply of Absolut Vodka, anyone?

Staff Writer

This is the season to be merry, let bygones be bygones, and dive into the dawn of this brand new year with open arms and, naturally, hands full of vodka! Basement Urban Pub is to be taken over by Absolut Vodka this Christmas with full intent on giving us just that and topping it off with a delicious Christmas feast and the hottest Arabic, commercial hits, and Xmas tunes by Basement Urban Pub's resident spinner Tony this December 25th.

With six-seat tables, none of the squad will have to sit this one out. The extra special Xmas menu features a mouth-watering variety of culinary masterpieces, not shying away from expert-level Xmas fixtures such as the star of the table... the turkey. Lubricating the fabulous proceedings is Absolut Vodka with an open bar of their most exquisite cocktails freely flowing throughout the night. Talk about the Christmas spirit! 

Juicy turkey AND an unlimited supply of Absolut Vodka, and you've got yourself a night where the jingle bells will truly rock. Bring your most fabulous self and join Absolut Vodka's takeover of Basement Urban Pub next Monday. The magic starts at 9.

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